Zero to 100 - Salesforce Admin Course

Are you looking for more time, higher pay, or a better work life balance? A career in Salesforce may be what you've been searching for.
Zero to 100 is a 6 month, part-time course that will teach you the Salesforce skills to start a more fulfilling life and career.


Course Breakdown:

Feel like you have no time, or no tech skills? No problem. Here is how we get you from Zero to 100.

Why Salesforce?

1. The demand
There's no doubt that Salesforce is blowing up right now in New Zealand. With 4.2 Million new jobs predicted to be created between 2019 and 2024, it's fair to say that there are more jobs than there are currently people with the skills to do them. What's more, COVID has really corned the New Zealand Salesforce talent pool, forcing companies to begin looking more at local talent to hire. That's great news for us locals!

This Forbes article has the following advice to graduates: "If you are a young graduate who has just entered the world of business automation, good Salesforce training will solidify your position as a Salesforce professional in some of the best companies in the world."

2. The pay
According to, the average New Zealand salary for a Salesforce Developer is close to $90K, while Salesforce Technical Architects earn anywhere from $140,000 - $300,000 per year. (Psst. It's even better if we look overseas!). The only limit to your salary is how much you learn and your level of skills. It's simple!

3. It's a globally recognised certification
Once you have this certification, you can take it anywhere in the world. It's just as valuable here as it is in America, the UK, Australia, Germany...everywhere is looking for Salesforce talent.

Salesforce Job Market Growth

Salesforce Job Market Growth 2021 IDC Salesforce Economy Report


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