Summer of AWS

Summer of AWS is a 3 month, part-time course designed to teach you some of the most in-demand skills of today's job market.

Best suited for those from a programming or technical background (or for those with a super determined mindset), if you want to learn some of the hottest skills in the tech industry today, this is your chance!


The Course

Looking for cloud computing skills that will increase your employability and match you up with interviews at some of the top tech companies in the country?

This course has been specially designed for those who are looking for that extra skill that will take them to next level in their careers. Learn everything you need to pass your first AWS Certification, and take part in a real-world project to show to employers. Even better, our team has lined up job interviews for you upon completion of our course!

Here's what you get:

  • x1 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (valued at USD $100)
  • x1 Certified Salesforce Practice Exam (valued at USD $40)
  • A line-up of job interviews for you upon completion of the course.
  • 20 hours a week worth of content which includes:
    • 3 hours of live virtual workshops a week
    • 30 min hours of help-desk/Q&A time a week
    • 15 hours self directed study a week
  • x1 real-world project
  • Exclusive networking opportunities and events 

    Who it's for

    • Do you have some time over the summer that you're looking to fill with a valuable experience that will boost your career?
    • Are you looking for a secure and well paying job in the tech industry?
    • Interested in tech?
    • Interested in cloud computing?

    No programming or prior knowledge of AWS required! This course is designed for complete beginners, although a developer background would help. 



    The start date for the course is the 14th of November, and ends 24th February. There is a three week holiday break from the 18th of December to the 8th of January. 



    If you're a student, then this course is 100% FREE. If you're not a student, then the total price of the course is USD $1,200. 

    What defines a student? To be eligible for our programmes as a student you must have been studying at a NZ tertiary institution within the last 24 months.



    Course Breakdown:

    Why AWS?

    1. The demand
    More and more organisations are moving to AWS - whether they're a small NZ based business, or a large enterprise global company, they're all rapidly migrating to the cloud. The world's largest organisations use AWS; Netflix, Slack, AirBnb, SAP, Walt Disney Companies. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive, extensive, secure, reliable, and widely used cloud platform. They own a 32% market share in the cloud infrastructure and platform services markets. That's more than it's two main competitors, Google Cloud and Azure, combined! In the first quarter of 2021, AWS has reported a massive revenue of USD 13.5 billion, accounting for 32 % growth over the previous year due to its constant appetite for innovation and cloud tech. You can bet that all these companies are looking for people skilled in AWS - it will help you stand out, get that job, and start an incredible career in one of the fastest paced tech sectors around.

    2. The pay
    According to the 2021 Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Survey, the average American salary for those holding AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level (just one certification above the one in this course) in the United States and Canada is $159,033. And it only goes up from there with more certifications! The only limit to your salary is how much you learn and your level of skills. It's simple!

    3. It's a globally recognised certification
    Once you have this certification, you can take it anywhere in the world. It's just as valuable here as it is in America, the UK, Australia, Germany...everywhere is looking for AWS talent.

    AWS Market Share


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