Find Your Next Job Through Networking

 85% of jobs are filled through networking - HubSpot

70% of jobs are never published publicly - CNBC

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We've put together the ultimate resource to help you get started with networking to find your next job.

This book will cover:

  • - What is networking
  • - Preparing for networking
  • - Finding networking opportunities
  • - Approaching networking events
  • - Building meaningful connections
  • - Networking etiquette and best practices
  • - Maximizing your networking efforts

Our 23-page guide breaks down the all the steps to land your net job through networking. 

About the Author

Having ran his own recruiting firm, Kevin Li has spent a significant amount of time working coaching job seekers and helping them land their next role. He's seen the compounding effects of getting out there and slowly building up your network and the dividends paying off further down the line.

Now, Kevin's part of the team at NextWork and oversees all our student related functions, including content creation, student support, and coaching students to help them land their next job.

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