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Does your sales team resist Salesforce?

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Sound Familiar?

I’m sure you’ve seen this before. The company adopts a new software, the team put through an unengaging training workshop on Salesforce, then guess what... In 3 months, very few are using it effectively, if at all.

For Salesforce Adoption to truly occur, you need more than just training. At Salesforce Training, we don’t just teach skills. We focus on changing behavior. We do this with our Super Sales Program, specialised in end user adoption. It's a tried and trusted program that demonstrates the “What’s In It for You” for both the sales managers and teams.

The Winning Formula

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End User Training with MediaWorks

Reasons for low Salesforce Adoption

If you've already implemented Salesforce and are struggling to get your team loving it as much as you do, here's some common reasons why.


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We're here to help your team get the most out of Salesforce. With quality training that's designed for your specific business needs, your teams productivity, motivation, and sales efficiecny will increase massively. Let's connect now.

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