Our Story

Amber was just 21 when she launched Salesforce Training. It was the third year of her undergraduate degree, and she was learning Salesforce for a university project.
With no experience in Salesforce, she was stunned by how overwhelming it was to start learning the platform from scratch. While most Salesforce courses were far out of her student budget, she ended up reaching out to a community college that taught night classes. What she thought would be a phone call for her to find a course ended up being a phone call for her to start teaching a course! And so Salesforce Training was born.
From Amber:
"Our goal was to take everything difficult about changing careers and upskilling into the Salesforce ecosystem and give it the luxury treatment of time, networks, and careful attention.
So many courses these days are about getting the stamp, getting the certification, and then moving on. We wanted to be something more than a quick "in-and-out" certification shop. We really wanted to change people's lives and confidence by getting them into a career that's exciting, booming, and expansive. Changing careers is scary and risky. We want to take as much of that risk and fear away as possible.
What sets our courses apart is our one-on-one attention to our students. Our support team meets with students every two weeks, provides them with extra resources and makes sure that they have everything they could possibly need to succeed. In that way, our support team is just as important, if not more so, than our instructors.
We also place a huge emphasis on networking. Our goal at the end of these courses is to give people the next step up in their careers. Whether it's finding your very Salesforce job or taking the jump to Architect, we provide you with the support and connections to make it happen.
To us, it's about more than just a certification. It's about finding the right career, building a network within the incredible Salesforce ohana, and gaining skills that can change your life. "