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Save over 50% with our Year Subscription!   

Save BIG-TIME with our Year Subscription package, and mix and match any courses you want for the entire year
If you have goals for getting multiple certifications this year, don't leave it up to chance - put those plans into a solid action plan! Our Year Subscription package is designed to accommodate those who want to earn multiple certifications in a single year, at a fraction of the cost.
Instead of spending up to $6,000 USD on 4 individual courses this year, spend just $2,600 and get exactly the same material and course availability. Save $3,400 USD!

What you get:

  • Access to AS MANY CONSECUTIVE COURSES in a year as you like
  • Real-world projects in every course
  • Certification fee included in every course
  • Practice Exam fee included in every course
  • Access to trained and experienced Salesforce Instructors
  • Help Desk available for subject questions and support



  • You may only be actively studying one course at a time
  • 12 month minimum term subscription (total commitment is $2,600)
  • Weekly payment by way of direct debit


Need more info? 

All our courses here at Salesforce Training NZ are designed with the highest commitment to learning and quality. They are designed to be completed part-time so you can upskill alongside your usual job or studies.

Each course is hand-crafted by a team of experienced Salesforce individuals and tested on multiple industry level experts to ensure that it contains all the information and knowledge you need to know for an outstanding Salesforce career.  

Most of our courses run for 3 months, but ones that require a solid foundation for beginners (Salesforce Admin Certification, Developer 1 certification) run over 6 months. All of our live course content is recorded, so you can complete the entire course at your own pace.
NOTE: Your initial payment will cover the first week of your subscription, which will kick off once you start your first course. 


Enquire about our course and one of our outreach team will get in touch to answer any questions you may have.