Top Tips for Getting Admin Certified with Lesleen Harris

Lesleen's Top Tips for Getting Admin Certified

“There are always people willing to take graduates and help them get started in their tech career”

Lesleen is an alumni of our Zero to 100 Salesforce Admin course and is now in a blossoming Salesforce career as a Salesforce Business Analyst at Flight Centre.

We recently spoke with Lesleen about her experience sitting the Salesforce Admin exam and her advice for people wanting to pivot into a tech career.

Preparing for the Salesforce Exam

Lesleen made us of the practice exams available from Focus on Force, and the NextWork Salesforce Admin Cheat Sheets, to help her prepare. For Lesleen, the “cheat sheet is the bible”. She loved using the cheat sheets as a study resource to help her memorise certain topics and visualise these concepts when she sat her exam.

During the exam, Lesleen found that with the cheat sheets, “even when you get lost, you just picture [the cheat sheets]” and recall what was on there.

Exams are no piece of cake, and it can be a nerve-wracking experience. What helped Lesleen stay calm and not panic during the exam when she came to a difficult question was visualising how she “did it during the trainings and the wonderful sessions with Amber [NextWork’s Salesforce Trainer]”.

It’s important to take your time reading, and re-reading the questions, to make sure you understand it properly. Lesleen found that by reading the question a few times, you’re able to break down what they’re really asking.

How NextWork Helped Lesleen Get Certified

Being part of NextWork’s Salesforce Admin Course was a game changer for Lesleen. She was able to access all of the support and resources she needed, and go into the exam feeling prepared and confident.

The best thing about NextWork’s Salesforce Admin course was that Lesleen was not alone when she was studying and learning Salesforce. Being able to have a group of people who she could learn from, discuss topics and share mutual support really made the difference for Lesleen. She found that “having people do it with me helped” when it came to being able to focus on studying and getting through her real-world project and badges.

While she was taking the NextWork Zero to 100 Salesforce Admin course, Lesleen was working full time and was also a mother to 2. The course gave Lesleen structure and accountability, so she could stay on track and reach her goal of getting Admin certified. Since the course is a part time course that works around the student’s hours, Lesleen was able to complete the course and get certified despite having an already busy schedule!

Pivoting Into Tech

It’s common to see more and more people pivot into tech careers. With benefits such as the option to work remotely, having progressive cultures which are supportive, and being flexible with your hours, it’s no wonder that more and more burnt of professionals are making the switch.

But changing into tech, especially if you don’t have a related background, can be hard. However, Lesleen found that the tech community is incredibly welcoming and always willing to take on new talent. She says that “there are always people willing to take graduates and help them get started in their tech career”.

There are plenty of opportunities to work in tech, regardless of your background. Lesleen find that tech is “always looking for good people”. Having the enthusiasm and drive to get into tech can make a much bigger difference than what skills you have.

Doing courses like NextWork’s Zero to 100 Salesforce Admin course has really helped Lesleen break into the tech industry. Lesleen advice for anyone thinking of taking a course to transition into tech is that “as long as you’re positive, and you remember what you did during the whole process [course], you’ll be fine”. Lesleen’s positivity, determination and preparation is ultimately what landed her a Salesforce Business Analyst role first at Generate KiwiSaver Scheme, and then at Flight Centre!

If you’re curious about how you can get your Salesforce Admin certification and be part of a supportive community, check out our Zero to 100 Salesforce Admin course.

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