From Service Desk to Salesforce Consultant ☎️

Salesforce Admin Consultant


Meet Jarvis Feaver, who started work as a Salesforce Admin Consultant shortly after finishing Zero to 100, our Salesforce Admin course. He shares his Salesforce journey with us, tips for working and communicating with the team remotely, and advice for those starting their Salesforce careers. 

What has been the highlight of your Salesforce career so far?

Having a career where I’m doing some sort of problem solving every day is really rewarding. Compared to some of the jobs I had before, as a Salesforce Admin I feel like I’m really able to make a difference and contribute to the teams around me. Also, the career growth ahead of me is super exciting. And the pay-check doesn't hurt! 

Have you had any challenges or anything unexpected?

Everything is a challenge! But not in a bad way. It goes along with the problem solving aspect I was talking about earlier. Honestly, I google everything all the time. I think some of the biggest challenges are understanding why something was built the way it was by previous Admins. Sometimes I’ll see something and think “Why the hell did they do that?”. And then I’ll delete it and realise that actually it’s an essential part of a flow, perhaps the most important part. So learning how to recover from mistakes quickly has been a good lesson to learn. 


Telling people no

What is a valuable skill you’ve learned on the job?

Apart from the Salesforce technical skills which I learn more about every day, I’d say that telling people in diplomatic ways that what they want isn’t possible has been a super valuable skill. A lot of it is about communication, which I wasn’t initially expecting when I started. 

How did Salesforce Training help with your Salesforce career?

They’re basically the reason I have my job now! I definitely learnt a lot of the basic Salesforce skills I needed to start my job from them, and they’ve been great at providing me with ongoing support. The course was really helpful in learning how to be a Salesforce Admin, actually getting certified, and ultimately landing my first Salesforce job. 

What are some tips for remote work?

I think having a nice chair and dedicated workstation makes a big difference to working remotely. Also, for me, separating my work environment from my relaxing/sleeping environment has been really important. I know that some people are able to work in their bedroom just fine, but for me that separation is really important. 

Google Salesforce

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone starting their Salesforce career in 2022? 

Google it. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and chances are someone out there has had the same problem as you before. You’ll progress faster by learning from someone else's solution instead of trying to force your way through a problem from scratch.  

What’s next for you?

I think I want to go for another Salesforce Certification, but I’m not entirely sure yet! I’m exploring areas that I want to specialise in - perhaps some more advanced Admin Certs, or maybe down the Developer route. Wish me luck!

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