From Pharmacist to Salesforce Admin 💉

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I’d recommend it for those considering switching careers or wanting to gain experience in Salesforce.”

Meet Abby -  ex-Pharmacist, and newly appointed Salesforce Admin! Abby started as a Salesforce Admin just 5 months after hearing about Salesforce for the very first time. She got her first Salesforce job shortly after completing the Zero to 100 Salesforce Admin course. We caught up to see how her journey has been so far.


🔎 How did you find out about Summer of Salesforce?

I was part of Summer of Tech, so I heard about it through that.  

🤝 What made you decide to enrol for the course?

I had been partway through a Diploma in Web Development and Design but wasn’t sure if it would result in me being able to get a job. I didn’t know much about Salesforce, but I had previously worked in a vaccination centre (I was working as a Pharmacist). Salesforce was a tool we used there, and I knew it could generate reports. When Amber ran a talk about Salesforce, it piqued my interest.  

💻 What skills and experience have you gained through the course?

It’s helped me to learn the technical knowledge. We did a real-world project as part of the course and that taught me how to read requirements, and how to work in a team. We also had to run a demo and that was really good practice.  

📚 How have you applied the knowledge that you have gained? 

I’m still very junior, having only just done the course, but so far I’ve applied a lot of the knowledge that I’ve learned. I’m currently working as a Salesforce Administrator at an investment company. It’s given me a good foundation, though I still have lots to learn! Salesforce is such a big system, and the course gives you an overview of how it works, which helps you know where to look for things yourself.  

✨ What was the highlight of the course for you?

Most of the course was run remotely. Though we did do the super badges on Trailhead together in Auckland. That was a real highlight for me, meeting everyone in person.  

🧐 What is your tip for anyone else considering enrolling in this course? 

Research Salesforce and what jobs working in Salesforce are like. It’s quite a specific tool, so you want to know before starting the course that you’ll enjoy that kind of work.  

🗺 Where are you now since finishing the Summer of Salesforce programme?

I’m only in my 4th week in my new role as a Salesforce Administrator. But I’m enjoying it so far! 

🔮 What’s next for you?

I’ll give myself a break from studying while I get used to working in a company. I do intend to get more certifications, though and the great thing is there are lots of options if I want to explore upskilling. 

❤️ Do you have any questions or comments about Summer of Salesforce?

Amber was great, and they were really helpful with finding jobs at the end of the course. I’d recommend it for those considering switching careers or wanting to gain experience in Salesforce.

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