From Hotel Receptionist to Salesforce Admin 🛎

Starting new Salesforce Admin Career


“Honestly, if I hadn’t studied with Salesforce Training, I would have no idea what to do in my current job. It’s been very helpful, thank-you!”

Elaine is a solo Salesforce Admin, only three weeks into her new role after completing the Zero to 100 Salesforce Admin course. We caught up to see what the first few weeks are like starting a brand new career as a Salesforce Admin. Previously Elaine had worked part-time as a Hotel Receptionist while studying, and ended up making the big move from Wellington to Auckland to pursue her new Salesforce career.

What has been the highlight of your Salesforce career so far?

Being able to apply the skills I learnt during the Zero to 100 course on the job straight away feels really good. When people ask me “How do you remove that” or “Can you add that?” and I know how to do it  - that feels really nice. Every time they ask me to do something, I always question whether I can do it because I’m new. I’m constantly asking “Am I adding enough value?”, so when I don’t have to think that it feels amazing.

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Have you had any challenges or anything unexpected?

I thought my struggle would be more about not being able to fix things in Salesforce, but honestly it’s more about understanding the company terms and locating where certain things are in the org. Sometimes someone will come up to me and ask me to fix a certain thing. Then I have to go up to another person to ask them what is going on. They’re often busy or a little indirect with their answers, so that is something I struggle with sometimes. Another thing I realised is Data Loader involves a lot of cleaning up before you actually load it into the system. I’ve also learnt a lot about checking what happens to Lead information when it’s converted into an Opportunity; making sure the Lead Mapping is set up correctly is something I’ve been focusing on these last few days.

What is a valuable skill you’ve learned on the job?

Learning to stay calm! And saying “I will get back to you.” Learning to stay a little more calm and not being so hard on myself when I’m not understanding what’s going on. I often start by thinking it’s just me not understanding things, but when I go to my mentor she doesn’t know what's going on either. It’s nice to know it’s not just me! And I don’t need to know everything straight away. 

What kind of support have you been getting from your team?

I work with the IT team - they don’t really know anything about Salesforce, but they’re very supportive. When I tell them I can’t do something, they always encourage me to ask for help straight away. If I need help from the other departments, I just get up and go to their desk to ask them. Then they show me on the spot, which is really helpful to understand from their perspective. And the Salesforce contractor will help out - she’ll give me plenty of hints in the right direction without actually telling me the answer because she wants me to learn as I go which is amazing. They’re happy for me to work in the QA [test] org and then get them to have a look at it before we put it live. That feels good so even if I make a mistake, it will be caught early. 

How did Salesforce Training help with your Salesforce career?

Salesforce Training has definitely helped! Coming into my job, they didn't really train me in how to do Salesforce related things…the training was more on understanding what the business does. If I didn't do the course, I wouldn’t have known Data Loader. If I didn’t do the course, I wouldn’t know to go to page layouts. If I didn’t do the course, I wouldn’t know how to update fields. Honestly, if I hadn’t studied with Salesforce Training, I would have no idea what to do in my current job. It’s been very helpful, thank-you! 

What are some tips for working in the office as a Salesforce Admin?

Do not hesitate to ask for more clarification or information. Get all the information you need at the start, because you’d rather have everything right away than sit for ages trying to figure it out on our own. Google is absolutely your friend for when you get stuck on something you’ve never done before. Taking your time to think instead of panicking straight away. 


How do you think you’ve grown since starting?

I am not scared to go up to people and ask for help. I have learnt that if I don’t know something and I’ve done enough research, it’s okay to ask for help instead of sitting for hours waiting. I’m getting more confident, and understanding there’s a lot more going on in Salesforce from the company's perspective. I felt pretty bad about it in the first week, asking about basic things, but then these tasks become repetitive and you get a lot better at them. 

I never thought I’d never get into an in-house Salesforce admin role. I’m surprised at myself for doing it - where I’m the only person in the company who really knows Salesforce. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds and you learn on the role, so it’s alright.

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What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone starting their Salesforce career in 2022?

Read through your Trailhead articles properly while on the Zero to 100 course! When I just started I’d look at the steps and then think I’d have it. Then a few weeks into the course I’d realise I didn’t know it at all - but I really needed to! Make notes as you go through the course. If you see something that doesn't come up often, take screenshots, take little notes - this really helped me pass the final exam. 

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