Finding a Career Aligned With Your Values

Sarah's Story: Read about how Sarah made a career transition into tech

“Really focus on what’s driving that desire to change, look at what your values are… explore your options and how they fit with your values.”

Sarah’s story is the perfect example of the idea that tech is indeed for anyone.

Before launching into her career in tech as a Salesforce Admin, Sarah’s worked in Events and as a Cycle Instructor.

Sarah shares with us her journey in changing into a tech career:

Before you entered into tech, you had a background in Event Coordination. Why did you decide to transition into tech? Did you have any fears going into an industry that was quite different?

Events are fast paced with so many moving parts but I always found my flow when solving problems with technology and learning how to do that.

I took the bits I loved from Events and came up with the idea of going down the tech path. A web development bootcamp gave me valuable skills but also overwhelmed me with the number of choices available.

The industry was daunting. I had this image of really smart people doing really awesome things and couldn’t see how I fitted into that.

How did you come across Salesforce, and what made you want to learn Salesforce?

A friend had mentioned it years ago as a viable career path. It took me another two years to come into contact with Salesforce while working an events role. I enjoyed the possibilities and flexibility of design Salesforce brought and started trying some trailhead badges in my spare time.

Why did you decide to sign up for a NextWork course as opposed to going through Trailhead yourself?

When I saw the course I knew it would help me actually achieve a qualification rather than floundering in the trails. Having a course with flexibility, someone to ask questions to, and after-hour training sessions made it an easy decision.

What advice would you give someone looking to change careers?

Really focus on what’s driving that desire to change, look at what your values are. What parts of your current role you love/hate, and how those apply in a new career. But most of all, explore your options and how they fit with your values.

Since working in the Salesforce industry, has there been any changes to your lifestyle? E.g better pay, better work life balance etc.

I’ve been less stressed overall! I have the flexibility to negotiate working hours and days, I work from home most days which saves me time and money, and I matched my previous salary immediately.

I’ve gained so many connections with the Salesforce user groups and students from the course alongside the support from within NextWork and the organisation I’m currently contracting with.

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