The 3 Day Course

Our 3 Day Course is custom-designed with your organisation to teach Salesforce in a way that produces tangible results and skills, that are immediately useful in the office.

Empower your team with the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively use Salesforce to increase team synergy, reduce stress, and increase your profits. 


The first day of the course is spent teaching new content and working with students to understand the core concepts needed to use Salesforce in their organisation. The second day is primarily hands-on, as we run through a variety of exercises in Salesforce that mimic the everyday tasks participants would be expected to complete in their company. This gives them the time to experience using Salesforce in a supportive environment, with expert help available as they work. The final day is assessment day, where students are required to complete a range of tasks in Salesforce unassisted. These tasks are all designed in collaboration with your organisation to meet key learning outcomes, and are marked on the day by a Salesforce Training Instructor. The afternoon consists of a mini graduation, and an introduction into the continued learning system available.  

Included in our offer:

  • 12 months of continued learning content through our digital learning system for every attendee, with progress tracking metrics for managers.
  • 1 professional Salesforce Trainers
  • World-class Salesforce training and expertise
  • Fully operational digital course should the need to complete virtually arise


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