The 10 Most Unusual Trailhead Modules

  1. Alexa Development Basics.

Developed in collaboration with Amazon, this module teaches you how Alexa works and how you can design a voice user interface.
  1. AI in Social Media

Use AI to create and track the tone and sentiment of conversations you have on social media. Find out what other images are usually associated with your brand. Maybe you and coffee photos tend to show up a lot. Or maybe it's you and a rainy day. Worth knowing? I'm not sure, but it's kinda wacky!
  1. Resume Strategies

How to write a resume. It seems like Trailhead covers it all, including personal development!
  1. Contact Tracing

HIGHLY topical. Learn how to implement contact tracing at your organisation.
  1. Girl Scout Leadership Lessons

Girl Scouts ...?
  1. Healthy Eating

I think I'll read this one to the sound of me eating a cookie.
  1. Military Spouses

Find out the best way to hire military spouses!
  1. Slack Dev Basics

Learn how to build a Slack app
  1. The Global Goals

There's even a module on the Sustainable Development Goals
  1. The Value of Sleep

The value of sleep. That's right. Sleep.