Entry Level Salesforce Job | What You Haven’t Tried in Your Job Search

Alternative Salesforce Job Titles

Job hunting can be a tough and tiring experience, especially when you're trying to break into a competitive industry like Salesforce.

Finding entry-level Salesforce jobs can be challenging, as there is often stiff competition for these positions. After all, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself when the majority of entry-level Salesforce professionals have the same 1 or 2 certifications and number of badges.

However, we recently shared on LinkedIn the secret sauce behind finding entry-level Salesforce jobs.

You Haven’t Tried Other Job Titles

The job hunt for entry-level Salesforce jobs looks the same for most of us. You start by digging through the most popular job boards, like Seek, Indeed and LinkedIn, and search for “Salesforce Admin”. You look in your city first, and then you look for remote salesforce jobs.

You might even try some variations, like “Entry-level Salesforce jobs” or “Junior Salesforce Admin”. However, you run out of relevant results pretty quick, and all you see are senior Salesforce roles or jobs completely unrelated.

What are Alternative Salesforce Job Titles?

So we know that searching for "Entry-level Salesforce jobs" or "Salesforce Administrator" may not yield many results. There’s a couple of suitable job postings, but pretty soon you run out of jobs to apply for.

The good news is that there are many alternative job titles for Salesforce jobs that you may not have considered. These alternative job titles may offer the same or similar roles and responsibilities as a traditional Salesforce job, but with a different job title.

Here’s a list of alternative job titles for you to keep an eye on:

  • Associate Business Analyst
  • Sales Process Co-ordinator
  • Product Support Specialist
  • Salesforce Support Engineer
  • Application Support Analyst
  • Salesforce Platform Engineer
  • Associate Technical Consultant
  • Associate Functional Consultant
  • CRM Specialist
  • CRM Analyst
  • Sales Enablement Specialist
  • Marketing Automation Manager
  • Customer Success Manager

In all honesty, we could go on forever, but are you starting to see the patterns?

Any job title followers this structure:

“Seniority” + “Noun” + “Role” = Job title

For example: “Junior” + “CRM” + “Manager” = Junior CRM Manager

Here’s a breakdown:

Seniority (Optional) Noun Role
Junior Sales Process Analyst
Associate CRM Specialist
Senior Application Administrator
Head of Marketing Automation Manager
Lead Business Functional Consultant
VP Platform Technical Consultant

To create a job title, simply combine a noun with a role, and add a seniority in front if you’d like. With that table above, there are already 216 different combinations you can make! That’s a lot of job titles to search for.

Your task is to now come up with a list of suitable nouns for your skillset.

If you haven’t already realized, an entry-level Salesforce Admin can do so much more than simply being an entry-level Salesforce Admin.

Being Salesforce certified gives you a whole host of skills beyond simply being a Salesforce Admin. Many of the roles listed above actually require Salesforce skills or familiarity with sales processes and CRM systems, but don’t have Salesforce in their title.

These alternative job titles offer similar responsibilities and roles as traditional Salesforce jobs. However, they may provide different opportunities for entry-level candidates to break into the Salesforce industry.

Companies are often looking for professionals who can understand and implement their Salesforce CRM systems, and they may not always advertise for a "Salesforce Administrator" or "Salesforce Developer." By searching for these alternative job titles, you can find positions that require Salesforce skills and experience, but don’t explicitly mention them.

Why Is This Important?

Salesforce is used by all sorts of businesses and organization. From small businesses to not-for-profits, large multinationals and government agencies, every organization has their own titles for Salesforce jobs.

A common example of this is in New Zealand, the accounting software giant Xero use the title “Salesforce Engineer” for their Salesforce team, rather than “Salesforce Admin”. The reason for this is because their Salesforce team sits within the wider Engineering function.

When looking for any sort of entry-level Salesforce job, remote or otherwise, it’s important to recognise that companies and organizations have different titles for roles, as a result of their own unique culture and how they’ve laid out their org chart.


What do you do now? Well, it’s easy!

Head back over to those job boards you’ve been trawling through and try out the alternative job titles we’ve provided to help you find entry-level Salesforce jobs.

Make the time to think about your own skill set too and come up with your own table of job titles that you can use to come up with a whole number of job titles.